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Annet Smit
Annet Smit
Seul 35K 19K 13K
Rockin Tockin
Rockin Tockin
China 71K 18K 25K
Ruby Sparks
Ruby Sparks
USA 91K 43K 21K

ADPlug is a plug-in platform that provides interaction between influencers and small business products anywhere in the world

How it works:


Create account and upload your portfolio


Сreates casting and looks at the portfolio of creators


Creators - get access to thousands of castings


Discuss the details of the project and the fee in an online chat


The fee is deposited until the work is completed by a smart contract


When the work is completed the payment is transferred to the contractor


Get the product and leave feedback about the cooperation


Create new creative projects with AdPlug!

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Success stories

Anastasiya Maslovskaya Anastasiya Maslovskaya

Thanks to ADPlug, I've found a great photographer! The shooting was very comfortable and professional. Special thanks to the agent!

With his help, all organizational issues were promptly settled. I will be happy to use the platform again!

Albina Kozlova Albina Kozlova

Working on the ADPlug platform was very convenient. You can easily place your portfolio on the platform and get to work. All communications and discussions were held as conveniently and quickly as possible.

And the filming process went very well. I was lucky enough to work with a team of professionals. Thanks to ADPlug team as well!

Dary Ivanova Dary Ivanova

I've been doing photography for some time and recently found this platform. I joined without any expectation, because it's a new platform. However, I was pleasantly surprised how quickly my portfolio was noticed and I got cooperation offer.

Right after doing shooting I received the payment on time. I wanted to note the high professionalism of the ADPlug team and their passion for work. Thank you!

Victoria Bondarenko Victoria Bondarenko

There are many tasks in the creator's work that need to be solved quickly: content planning, finding a model, filming and managing a lot of other coordinations.

ADPLug platform helps to manage it without being distracted by another problems because all communication is built very conveniently! I highly recommend it!

B2themodel B2themodel

I am very glad to see such a platform as ADPlug! It is often quite difficult to find good creator or models to create high-quality advertising. We have to look for professionals among various websites, wasting a lot of time and effort on this.

However, thanks to ADPlug, we were able to quickly find a creator that fits our criteria and received a wonderful advertisement! Thank you very much!


I know how hard it is to cope with the many tasks at once, while creating an AD for your brand. Platforms such as ADPlug make it much easier to work and find people you'll enjoy working with.

Moreover I want to note the convenience of site interface, it is really easy to use. Undoubtedly, I will continue to work with ADPlug in the future!

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