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Who could use the ADPlug platform?

ADPlug platform designed for creators, models and small business owners that want to create AD content for their product.

What is ADMON?

The token used in the ADPLUG ecosystem is the Admon token (ADMON). With the help of tokens, you can top up your balance and use it as payment.

Can people all over the world use the platform?

ADPlug is a global P2P Ad production platform that connects talented creators and models around the world to small business owners who want creative and differentiated Ad content, allowing creators and models to generate income and small businesses to reduce Ad costs.

What payment methods can I use on ADPlug?

In the ADPLUG platform, ADMON Token is used as the main payment method. You can top up your balance with ADMON tokens. Also, you can connect your Metamask wallet to account.

NOTE: When payment is made, the amount of ADMON tokens is locked according to the signed smart contract, and when the second multisig (the model or creator's billing sign and the client's approval sign) is made, the lock is released and transferred to the biller's wallet.

How can I create a photo album?

  1. Click My photos in profile
  2. Title your album
  3. Add photos
  4. If you need to add more photos, click Add more
  5. Click Save photo

How clients/brands send items to model or creator?

The client sends the products to the agent through EMS. Only then agent lends the product to the model or photographer for filming.

How the contract between the model and the customer will be signed?

Models and advertisers can negotiate working conditions through email or chat. (Chat window is on developing)

When the agreement is completed, an electronic contract provided on the platform is created, and the contract is executed by e-signing it. (developing)

How is the contract paid?

Payment for the contract is made with the ADMON token, through the payment form on the profile page of the model or creator.

The provider for payment is the MetaMask wallet.

How to Set Up a MetaMask wallet?

Go to official page MetaMask and click "Install MetaMask for (your browser)" or "Install MetaMask for iPhone/Android".

How to connect MetaMask wallet to ADPlug?

Click "Payment" in the profile and click the "Connect" button in the section MetaMask wallet.