Connecting creators and small businesses around the world

Annet Smit
Annet Smit
Seul 35K 19K 13K
Rockin Tockin
Rockin Tockin
China 71K 18K 25K
Ruby Sparks
Ruby Sparks
USA 91K 43K 21K

ADPlug is a plug-in platform that provides interaction between influencers and small business products anywhere in the world

How it works:


Create account and upload your portfolio


Сreates casting and looks at the portfolio of creators


Creators - get access to thousands of castings


Discuss the details of the project and the fee in an online chat


The fee is deposited until the work is completed by a smart contract


When the work is completed the payment is transferred to the contractor


Get the product and leave feedback about the cooperation


Create new creative projects with AdPlug!

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